Ghent which has the third biggest port, the third biggest city of Belgium, is a university city. The city was set up Schelde and Lys rivers. Ghent’s population is 237.250. The city has an oceanic climate. The winters are cold and rainy, the summers are hot and arid. In the middle ages, it became eno of the biggest and wealthiest city of north Europe. However the city’s economy stands through its port, university and gainings from tourists today. The city’s middle age agriculture and view protected well, harmed architectural buildings restored or built again. It has numerous churcs, an opera and a few theatres. Ghent Street Festival begins Monday before 21 July every year and lasts 10 days. About two million people comes to Ghent city because of this organization.

If we want to tell about the places which can be toured and seen, we can start with Ghent City Hall. The mansion which has an extremely esthetic view started be used as city hall after the modernization began. There are also historical clock and life tower in the center of Ghent city too. The tower which has a harmony with city’s architecture is admired by the visitors. St.Baafs Cathedral is the most known architecture remaining from the middle ages. It has extremely sumptuous view making not the visitors regretful because of coming there. Ghent St.Nicolas Church is also drawing attention by its interesting architecture. The architecture, which was built on the middle ages, is in the center of the city.

We can sort the hotels that you can use in Ghent like that: Marriott Ghent Hotel, Hotel Harmony, Ghent River Hotel, Hotel Astoria, Gravensteen Hotel. You can stay any of this hotels without living any problems.

There are various of museums and historical architectures like modern art museum, folklor museum, decorative arts museum, beautiful arts museum.

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